Hearing Testing
  • Otoscopy takes a look into the patient's ear with an otoscope (commonly used by your physician) to check for wax and possible medical contraindications (such as holes or perforations, and infection).

  • Patients are placed in a sound booth with the added use of insert headphones.

  • Tone testing determines the "threshold" of hearing. Sound prompts are played for you while you are seated. Communication with the patient is done through the headphones.

  • Speech testing determines the brain's ability to repeat words at "most comfortable level" and to detect the patient's loudness sensitivity.

  • Bone conduction testing rests a bone oscillator (a headband type device) behind the patient's ear to test for possible middle ear and conductive issues.
Patients generally enjoy the testing experience. Familiar voices are used and environments are replicated to evaluate the full extent of hearing potential. The experience can be quite enlightening and informative.

Note: the hearing test is not considered to be a medical examination. Patients are advised to seek the advice of a medical doctor in conjunction with the evaluation.

Tympanometry and Reflex Screening

This test of the ear drum (tympanic membrane) and middle ear cavity is an extension of the audiometric test. With tones and changes in soft pressure, we can check the condition and mobility of the ear. It involves no voluntary response from the test subject, and generally takes just 6 seconds to confirm normal ear function. Abnormal response would ordinarily generate a referral to a physician for a medical evaluation.


New Life Hearing will attempt to clean any manufacturer's instruments and do a full systems check of practice associated products. All new fittings come with a manufacturer's warranty (typically 2 years). Our repair charges on out of warranty repairs are kept to a minimum and all chargeable repairs come with a new repair warranty. Shell repairs and modifications may be done in the office. The first service for any new patient is at no charge unless the aid is out of warranty and must be sent for repair.

An average of 80% of all repairs can be done in the office at the time of your visit, at no charge to you.


All adjustments of aids purchased from New Life Hearing are done at no charge for the life of the hearing aid. Charges may be applied to programming of hearing aids purchased at another location.


New Life Hearing will provide counseling and advice on adapting to technology and productive strategies for improvement of cognitive reception. The family must also be educated to further assist the patient.

Compassion and Empathy

Years of experience help us to realize the real life struggles of hearing impairment and the use of hearing instruments. We will use the greatest patience and time allotment in assisting our patients to the very best of our ability.

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